Yes to Kingston. No to Upton

This is pretty simple and easy. I’m not sure whether the Republicans leaders in the House of Representatives get it.But let’s break it down for them.(1) There should be no waivers for Committee Chairmen. None.(2) Consequently, Jerry Lewis should not be Appropriations Chairman and Joe Barton, as much as I like him and would prefer him to Upton, should not be Energy & Commerce Chairman.(3) For Appropriations, that leaves Hal Rogers who is terrible and Jack Kingston who is not terrible. Therefore, Jack Kingston should be Chairman of the Appropriations Committee.(4) On the Energy & Commerce Committee, that leaves people like Shimkus, Stearns, and Joe Pitts — all of whom would be great Chairmen, with social conservatives right now leaning toward Joe Pitts.It really is not that hard. Let’s hope the leadership hears the grassroots.Oh, and remember, giving a reprieve to the incandescent light bulb must be one of the first acts of Congress in the new year.




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