Joe Straus Is Worried. Keep Up the Pressure.

100% NARAL rated Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, the Republican who relied on Democrats to get into his job and then obstructed major conservative reforms in the Texas House of Representatives, is worried he might be voted off the island.How do I know?Well, one of his advisors, Vincent Harris, left me a message on my cell phone tonight that Straus would be calling me tomorrow from a San Antonio, TX phone number.For the Speaker of the Texas House to be calling a blogger from Georgia to, I assume, convince me he is not the 100% NARAL rated and Planned Parenthood praised Democrat in Republican clothing that I know him to be, must mean we are having an impact and he is worried.That just means we must keep the phone calls going. Below the fold — more phone numbers to call!!!Oh, and my phone is pre-programmed to transfer all calls from people rated 100% by NARAL to phone hell, which I think is located at this phone pole in India.I appreciate the sentiment, but save your breath Mr. Speaker.And party foul on Vincent for giving out my phone number. That’s a big no-no. Now, with renewed zeal and the knowledge that you are having an impact, you Texans go below the fold and burn up some phone lines. Ask them where they stand and report back. Push them to stand with Ken Paxton.Kenneth Sheets — member elect of Dallas
Ken Sheets has pledged his support for Ken Paxton!!!Stefani Carter — member elect of Dallas
(972) 385-3313Charles Schwertner — member elect of Georgetown
(512) 863-4563John Frullo — member elect of Lubbock
806-853-8275Larry Gonzales — member elect of Round Rock
512-244-1280Sarah Davis — member elect of Houston
713-320-2077Van Taylor — incumbent (special election this year) of Plano
972-398-9416Linda Harper-Brown — incumbent of Irving
(972) 717-2871 Kelly Hancock (HD-91):
(512) 463-0599, (817) 590-9280 Larry Taylor (HD-24):
(512) 463-0729, (281) 338-0924 Jerry Madden (HD-67):
(512) 463-0544, (972) 424-2235



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