You Texans Need to Call Cindy Burkett

I received this email earlier today from Matt Brownfield:

I served as Cindy Burkett’s campaign manager for the 2010 election and am currently helping with her transition to Austin. You incorrectly posted yesterday that Representative Elect Burkett has endorsed Joe Straus for speaker. She has yet to back any candidate in the Speaker’s race and has signed no pledge cards. I respectfully request that you retract that statement from your post entitled “Ken Paxton Should be Speaker of Texas’s House.” I am also interested to know what you used as the basis for your claim that Burkett had endorsed Straus, since she has issued no statements to that effect herself and is not listed on any of the pledge lists.


As I told Matt, before delving into state matters, I rely heavily on our readership in those states to give me the necessary information. More than one of them pointed out Burett is support Strauss, though she is denying it as we can see from this email. I have updated the original post to reflect that she is taking no position.Consequently, it appears Rep.-Elect Burkett is taking the position of having no position on this and I suggest each and every one of you in Texas call her and encourage her to support Ken Paxton. (Her facebook page is here)Taking no position at this critical time is certainly a close equivalent to embracing the unacceptable status quo of Joe Straus.


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