Morning Briefing for November 16, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For November 16, 2010

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1. Pass your own line-item veto, Axelrod.

Oh, Davey. I know that it’s all mean and stuff that his man-god is going to have to run as a mere mortal in ‘12, but that doesn’t excuse amateur tactics on David Axelrod’s part, right? If he wants the line-item veto so badly in order to combat all that nasty pork that the President supposedly doesn’t want to approve, then Obama should dust off H.R.4890, have it resubmitted to the House, and tell the Senate to pass it this time. The Democrats have huge majorities in Congress — at least, for the next two months -…so they’d have plenty of time to get the bill passed. Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Ken Paxton Should Be the Speaker of Texas’s House

It has always bothered me when conservatives win elections but “moderate” Republicans end up running the leadership. In case you haven’t noticed, it happens all the time – once behind closed doors, the leadership does not reflect the elected Members nor the people who elected them. It is time for that to change and one place to start is Texas.For those of you unfamiliar with what’s going on, there is a fight going on over the next Speaker of the Texas House. It really boils down to two choices: the current Speaker, moderate and Democrat supported Joe Straus, and conservative Ken Paxton.As arguably the most powerful figure in Texas politics during the legislative session, the Speaker appoints Committee Chairs and those chairs set the agenda. As a result, liberal chairmen can keep conservative reforms from being voted on. This is exactly what happened the last legislative session when Speaker of the House Joe Straus swept into the Speaker slot on the backs of 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans (infamously known as the “Straus Eleven”). Yes, you read that correctly. A Republican Speaker that only had 11 Republicans vote for him. The reward for the Democrats loyalty was handing 14 committee chairmanships to liberal Democrats out of the 32.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Government At Work: Groping Children Is Preferable to Perceived Profiling

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently implemented new supposed security measures, which include a mandated trip through a full body scanner that shows you in all your naked glory, or lack thereof. It’s all cool, though, because if you don’t wish to have your naked body ogled, you can always get felt up instead via the new “enhanced pat-down” option. It’s all about choice, baby! Whichever you prefer: leering or groping.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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