This is Terrific News

I just heard that Jeb Hensarling is going to run for Conference Chair to replace Mike Pence.This is terrific news. Hensarling is one of the most substantive conservative policy guys I know in the House.Coincidentally, Jeb Hensarling is the first politician I ever gave money to. Seriously. The Club For Growth, in Jeb’s first run, sent out a mail piece with a list of candidates to choose from.Here was an economics guy who worked for Phil Freakin’ Gramm and was running for Congress to reduce government. SOLD!He went on to lead the Republican Study Committee after Mike Pence had left that position and was willing to lead philosophical and economic fights against his own Republican leadership.That’s the type of guy we need as Conference Chairman.I’m sure others will probably come out and say they are running, but given his background, experience, and fire in the belly I cannot imagine anyone being better or more competent to succeed Mike Pence as Conference Chairman.This is really terrific news.



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