A Special Note to Our Democrat Readers in Washington

Just wanted to write a special note to our readers who are Democrats in Washington, D.C. We know we get a number of you on here and I am sure you have felt more than a little left out in the past few weeks.I want a post just for you today so you can stop feeling left out, particularly on this day.So, just for you here is a great guide on how to write a resume from the Rockport Institute.Trinity College also has one.There’s even an online resume builder you might like to take advantage of.Remember, you’ll need references on a resume. I suggest you not put Nancy Pelosi down as a reference after today. Who knows, after what happens today the White House might be hiring.You guys have a great day. I know I will.Oh, and here is the online job application site for Wal-Mart. They helped you guys out with the Obamacare push. Maybe now they’ll hire you.




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