Leftwing Thumbsuckers and the Politics of Outrage Over Andrew Breitbart

The left is perfectly fine with George Stephanopoulos being an “objective” newsman on ABC News. The Politico, earlier this year, ran two articles about coordination between then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, James Carville, Paul Begala, and Stephanopoulos. One article noted the four trade regular phone calls. Emanuel told the Politico the calls “are about what’s happening, what the implications are of what’s happening and what’s going on.” Another alluded to Carville, Begala, and Emanuel working to turn Limbaugh into a target. Shortly after Obama picked fights with Limbaugh and Cantor, Stephanopoulos reported Cantor had “repudiated” Limbaugh on This Week. In fact, Stephanopoulos had selectively quoted his interview with Cantor to make the case — leaving out that Cantor had actually reiterated Rush Limbaugh’s key points from Rush’s now famous CPAC speech.The left is fine with this.But put Andrew Breitbart on ABC News on Election Night and the left is apoplectic.The trend started with me when CNN put me on. For weeks the left tried to make life a living hell for anyone from CNN on Twitter. Now they are doing the same to Jake Tapper and others — people not remotely involved in the situation.Why? Well, the pussycat of anonymous outrage, Shoq, sums it up nicely:


I just think this is a BFD. Way bigger than Erickson. [Erickson] didn’t kill ACORN

That sums it up nicely. The anonymous pussycat can let out his inner-honest assessment on twitter. This is about Andrew Brietbart taking down one of the organizations that has helped steal elections across the country.They want payback. But it is not just that. It is also because they don’t want conservatives on at all. They want the choice of who gets asked on. The left wants to dictate free speech. The left wants to dictate what is acceptable discourse in this country.See this:

They wear us down, day by day. This is why Erickson was a milestone. In another yr, the major networks will be wall-to-wall wingnuts.

And this:

Remember when I said Erick Erickson would lead to this? That’s WHY I dogged @CNN for 3 f**king weeks. It was inevitable.

And this:

As Erickson was mainstreamed by CNN, ABC will do same with Breitbart, or someone that works for him. Shift 2 notches to the right.

There you have it. Glad I could play my small part to get Andrew Breitbart on ABC — a spotlight he deserves at minimum.The sad thing here is that ABC’s Newsroom is upset at this. Why? Because ABC tilts left. At this writing, ABC is peddling in the opposite direction claiming Andrew will only be online. It is, after all, a “digital townhall.” But you and I know what the left knows — this is getting a foot in the door of ABC News for a conservative and not only do we need to stick up for Andrew, but we also need to push ABC News to grow some fortitude.



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