Alex Sink Drips

Alex Sink and Rick Scott agreed before hand to the rules of their debate. One of the rules was that they’d not take notes messages or converse with staff during the debate.Alex Sink, during the debate, sung her own praises about how she always follows the rules. Then her makeup artist came in and handed her a note with a message. During the debate.Given Alex Sink’s debate performance, however, we may need to give her a mulligan.She spent the entire debate bragging about all the newspaper endorsements she’s received. You’d think she was running for Editor of the New York Times. Of course Sink also kept denying she was an “Obama liberal.”Never mind that few, if any, of the newspapers in Florida that endorsed her would have endorsed her if she was not an Obama liberal. Newspapers, when given the choice, endorse the liberal. Period.And Sink has lots of endorsements — every Obama liberal running every liberal editorial page in Florida loves Alex Sink.That’s another reason you should conserve Florida by turning off the Sink.More here at CNN, which notes that the person who sent Sink the note was the person who signed the “no notes” agreement for Sink.UPDATE: Just to clarify, the candidates could have debate notes or they themselves make notes, but they could not entertain messages from staffers during the debate. That’s what Sink did.




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