Is Jack Conway Involved In an Investigation About His Brother?

Jack Conway is the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.Jack Conway’s brother, Matt, was a prosecuting attorney for Jefferson County, Kentucky.Matt has been under investigation for possible drug use or drug trafficking.Louisville, KY narcotics detectives tipped off Matt Conway twice that he was under investigation.The investigation has been compromised. Matt Conway and the tow detectives who tipped him off have all given misleading and/or false statements — Matt Conway doing so under oath.There is a lingering question about what Matt Conway’s brother, the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, knew — if anything. Jack Conway says that when he learned of the investigation he told his brother to get legal advice.There remain questions, though, as to the full extent of Jack Conway’s knowledge and what he did or did not do and if the leaking detectives were seeking to curry favor with people higher up.In other words, while Jack Conway is running scurrilous ads about Rand Paul’s religion, there are legitimate questions about whether he tried to use his office or connections to help his brother beat a drug trafficking investigation against him.



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