The Real Rick Scott

As you know, I’m a fan of Rick Scott. I’ve known him for quite a while. I realize there is still ambivalence among a number of Bill McCollum supporters to support Rick, but I hope they will reconsider.Please read this article that came out late yesterday profiling Rick Scott. It’s in the Gulf Coast Business Review and really lays out everything you’d want to know about Rick.


Scott also had what was known as “no-jerk” rule in Columbia’s corporate hiring. Before being hired as corporate counsel in 1991, Braun remembers having to interview with every vice president in the company to make sure he passed the “no-jerk” test. Street says that whenever Scott had a critical word for someone, the worst he would say was, “He’s not a nice person.” He didn’t curse.Another Scott trait: He was remarkably even-tempered. Says Pillari, now a health-care restructuring adviser in San Francisco with Alvarez & Marsal: “Rick was never irrational, always level headed, always positive. Says Street: “One time I asked him if he ever lost his temper, and he said, ‘What benefit does that do me or anyone around me?’”Seeing and communicating with Columbia-HCA’s physician partners and employees was important to Scott. He sent weekly e-mails to the company’s 285,000 staffers, and answered their e-mails as well. Pillari saw him as a motivator and inspiring to his associates. Adds Street: “Rick brings out the best in people if you see what he’s trying to do. He made me see more resources and talents in myself than anyone, including my mom.”


This man is the most qualified person in the race for Governor of Florida. I’d gladly vote for him if I lived there.


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