A few points to consider as you wake up

The ‘One Nation’ rally happened this weekend. The majority of the crowd was bussed in by union groups and other leftwing groups. Compare that to tea party activists, the majority of whom pooled their money to go to DC for the 8/28 rally.


A large segment of the crowd was paid to be there. Unions pay. Tea party groups and Glenn Beck did not on 8/28.

Nonetheless, the crowd was sparse — so sparse that even the Associated Press was compelled to take note of it.

Of those who were there though, they were unapologetically of the left. Assorted communists, socialists, union goons, and Democrats. But I repeat myself.

The Communist Party USA openly bragged about its effort to turn out the crowd in defense of its darling socialist Barack Obama. The left is finally being honest. They are embracing their socialist/communist identity.

They even held up signs and banners proclaiming the return of the Reds.


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