Cowardly Republican Senate Aides Begin Attacking Jim DeMint

It has begun. Republican Senate aides who desperately want the majority back so they can add an extra zero to their eventual K-Street salary package once they stop prostituting themselves to lobbyists and instead become lobbyists prostituting themselves to squishy Republicans are attacking Jim DeMint. In addition to their own self-interest, you can be sure they are expressing their bosses’ frustrations.Now, you and I both know that Jim DeMint swooping in at the last minute to endorse Christine O’Donnell had as much to do with her victory as a butterfly flapping its wings in China 340 years ago last Monday. But this is the establisment’s chance. They hate that DeMint is so much more effective. They hate that he is liked so much more.Cowardly Senate aides who refuse to go on record with their names are saying DeMint will be punished. As if they can do anything to him. It’s not like he’s going to be thrown out of leadership. Good grief.In any event, the knives are out for Jim DeMint among his colleagues for his efforts to elect Republicans who remember what Republicans stand for.If you want to stand up for Jim DeMint there is one thing you can do above all other things: Help him Take Back America.



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