As You Wake Up This Morning

Consider these points:(1) Just a few short weeks ago, Democrats were complaining that Republicans would rather talk about the Ground Zero Mosque than jobs. It’s gotten so bad for Democrats, they’d now rather talk about John Boehner’s tan than jobs.(2) Speaking of John Boehner, make no mistake that George Stephanapoulous remains a partisan hack. We know from the Politico that he has regular phone calls with Rahm Emanuel. So it comes as no surprise that he started questioning John Boehner about Boehner’s tan right about the time Democratic polling firm PPP makes a big stink about polling on Boehner’s tan and Obama mocks Boehner’s tan too.(3) All the people rushing to embrace the Ground Zero Mosque because of the Imam’s constitutional right sure are running just as quickly to shut down the moron pastor in Florida intent on burning korans. What’s good for the goose . . .(4) Democrats’ latest talking point is that they have more money in the bank that Republicans. It’s true. But it was also true when Bob McDonnell beat the Dems in Virginia. It was also true when Chris Christie beat the Dems in New Jersey. It was also true when Scott Brown beat the Dems in Massachusetts.



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