The Victim in Chief Makes a Pitch for Greater Socialism

Barack Obama went to Milwaukee, WI yesterday to speak to one of the few friendly audiences he has left in America — Big Labor.Our Victim-in-Chief, with no sense of history, declared that people talk about him like a dog. First, it is worth point out he named his dog after himself — Bo. Either the dog stinks or got Mr. Obama’s initials. It could be people are talking about the dog. And, our Victim-in-Chief should consider himself lucky considering the smears against many of his predecessors, including the most recent who was routinely compared by the left to Hitler By the way, I think it is starting to dawn on the American public that the reason they don’t like him is not just that he’s a socialist. It’s a thin-skinned wimp. Americans like winners, not wimps.The Victim’s speech is not worth remembering for anything other than its hypocrisy wrapped up in a sales pitch for socialism. Suddenly Mr. Obama is for tax cuts and Republicans are against them. Suddenly Mr. Obama is against spending. Suddenly Mr. Obama is against bailouts. Mr. Obama is for saying “yes” to everything and the Republicans are for saying “no” to everything.The problem for Mr. Obama is that the American public believes him — he is for “yes” to everything, but that includes spending, bailouts, and ever greater socialism in our lives.Consequently, while Mr. Obama may say “yes we can,” it is the voters, not Republicans, replying, “No. You can’t.”



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