Last Chance

We have a very special RedState Gathering planned in Austin, TX from September 17th to September 19th.If you want to get a discounted hotel room, this is it. Go here and reserve now. Internet is included as are meals.Remember, at the RedState Gathering all the politicians in attendance agree to pay their own way and spend time with you on the floor, not high on a distant stage.And at this year’s RedState Gathering you’ll be able to see Governors Rick Perry and Chris Christie*, Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA), gubernatorial candidates John Kasich* and Nikki Haley, Senate candidate Mike Lee, California Assemblyman Chuck Devore, and more. Along the way, we’ll throw a few surprises your way, have a panel discussion, and get some stellar training from American Majority. That training will include teaching you how to take over your local precinct.Oh, and Friday night, you can be a guest of RedState’s, Governor Perry’s, and the Republican Governors Association for a fun night out in Austin.To get there though, you need to register and reserve your hotel room. You can do it all by clicking here.*Invited by the RGA, but not yet confirmed.



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