The Elite Become Fringe. We Will Remember Come November

“The same people who have dedicated the entire year to proclaiming the tea party movement ‘fringe’ suddenly find themselves fringe.”

I’ve written about this before. Let me pretty much repeat myself because it is vitally relevant here.I cannot tell you the number of reporters at major networks and newspapers who will, in private moments, admit there is a real bias in the media. That bias largely comes up from the elite power brokers, trend setters, news reporters, and politicos who live in the New York to Washington corridor.In most cases it is not an intentional bias. It is a product of being highly educated, liberally inclined (“centrist” if you ask them, which is typically code for standing for nothing and everything at the same time), white urbanites who live on the Upper West Side, have drivers whisk them off to their studio or out of Adams-Morgan into downtown DC where they hang out with other fashionable liberals who, unlike me, think Jimmy Choo is a shoe manufacturer and not, as I thought, a Chinese restaurant.They talk about what’s in the New York Times Magazine and on its front page. They gossip about who isn’t fooling around with Maureen Dowd anymore. They go to wine country in France, tie the latest J. Crew sweater around their neck because Michelle does, and otherwise live in an insular world of group think.The preconceived notions they develop in this insular world of their likeminded friends colors what becomes the conventional wisdom, what gets reported and what doesn’t.The latest bout of conventional wisdom is serenaded more sincerely than the gospel, which can be politely and publicly disdained in favor of Islam, because quoting the Koran indicates tolerance. Quoting the Bible indicates you’re a rube. Republicans willing to speak truth to power are adored. The women from The View are considered intellectuals, except for that Republican one who is just on there for the affirmative action quota for wingers.Sarah Palin is disdained because she had a Down Syndrome child and all the forty something first time moms dropping their kids off (assuming it’s not the nanny doing it) at Birch Wathen Lenox, Trinity, and Dwight before going to work at their six-figure jobs know that smart women abort Down Syndrome babies — there’s a great clinic in SoHo where you can shop fashionably before the “procedure”.The mainstream media arises from this culture. Most every network is interested only in what happens within 50 miles of a major metropolis situated along the Atlantic or Pacific. Very few media outlets care about the views of people within 50 miles, let alone 300 miles, of the Mississippi River unless it is environmental because that sells among the coastal elite. Remember, they care more than you.In this insular world of popular politicos who get serenaded in the “saw him at the Palms” section of the Washington Post and reporters who quest to work for a major New York media outfit, the rubes down in Georgia or Missouri or Idaho are probably bigots or racists or homophobes or Christians or, at the very least, not very culturally aware.So we are all forced, those of us not in the New York – DC corridor, to listen to preaching from “centrist” politicos, pundits, and purveyors of conventional wisdom about how the Ground Zero mosque is a sign of our tolerance and opposition to it is racist.If we disagree, Grover Norquist — a man who has never been right on matters of Islam and Jihad — will be trotted out to prove not all Republicans are close minded bigots. This may be the one occasion David Frum can plan a vacation around because he’s usually the guy the media calls on for those statements. But on this issue, Frum may be just a little too…what’s the word they use? Neoconish?As trust in the media goes down, ratings sink, subscriptions are cancelled, and the preaching of the left/media intensifies on this, we need to understand something clearly. The reason the left/media is so preachy on this issue and so unwilling to talk about whether the mosque should be built since, after all, it can be built, is because the people who set the news narrative are realizing they are fringe.They can’t actually admit it. They cannot say it out loud. They are too self-aware and in touch with their inner-do-gooder to say it. But they have become fringe and subconsciously their ratings, poll numbers, and subscription cancellations are telling them this. And they know that, like a tree falling in a forest with no one around, soon they too will be the punchline of a joke.The same people who have dedicated the entire year to proclaiming the tea party movement “fringe” suddenly find themselves fringe. Consider: the same percentages of people believe 9/11 was an inside job and believe Barack Obama is a foreign born Manchurian candidate and believe the Ground Zero mosque should be built.While this Ground Zero mosque controversy may be the first time any of these elitists have ever embraced property rights, it has also done a brilliant job of outing them as out of touch with the America they supposedly represent in office, cover in the news, and talk down to on an hourly basis. The elite has become just as fringe as birthers and truthers.But they will never, ever, ever admit it. They’d rather call you and me racists. But you and me? We will remember come November.



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