Morning Briefing for August 18, 2010

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For August 18, 2010

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1. Nancy Pelosi Joins the Fringe Mosquerade

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come through the looking glass.

Tonight on KCBS radio in San Francisco, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi began calls for investigations into opponents of the Ground Zero mosque.

Aligning herself with the fringe — a group of people no larger than those who think 9/11 was an inside job and those who think Barack Obama is a foreign born Manchurian candidate — Pelosi said, “There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.”

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2. The Elite Become Fringe. We Will Remember Come November

I’ve written about this before. Let me pretty much repeat myself because it is vitally relevant here.

I cannot tell you the number of reporters at major networks and newspapers who will, in private moments, admit there is a real bias in the media. That bias largely comes up from the elite power brokers, trend setters, news reporters, and politicos who live in the New York to Washington corridor.

In most cases it is not an intentional bias. It is a product of being highly educated, liberally inclined (”centrist” if you ask them, which is typically code for standing for nothing and everything at the same time), white urbanites who live on the Upper West Side, have drivers whisk them off to their studio or out of Adams-Morgan into downtown DC where they hang out with other fashionable liberals who, unlike me, think Jimmy Choo is a shoe manufacturer and not, as I thought, a Chinese restaurant.

They talk about what’s in the New York Times Magazine and on its front page. They gossip about who isn’t fooling around with Maureen Dowd anymore. They go to wine country in France, tie the latest J. Crew sweater around their neck because Michelle does, and otherwise live in an insular world of group think.

The preconceived notions they develop in this insular world of their likeminded friends colors what becomes the conventional wisdom, what gets reported and what doesn’t. . . .

The same people who have dedicated the entire year to proclaiming the tea party movement “fringe” suddenly find themselves fringe. Consider: the same percentages of people believe 9/11 was an inside job and believe Barack Obama is a foreign born Manchurian candidate and believe the Ground Zero mosque should be built.

While this Ground Zero mosque controversy may be the first time any of these elitists have ever embraced property rights, it has also done a brilliant job of outing them as out of touch with the America they supposedly represent in office, cover in the news, and talk down to on an hourly basis. The elite has become just as fringe as birthers and truthers.

But they will never, ever, ever admit it. They’d rather call you and me racists. But you and me? We will remember come November.

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3. Severability and Obamacare

Several state legislators have reached out to me recently with questions about the nature of severability and Obamacare. Since some Redstaters seem to have questions as well, I thought I’d explain a bit about what this means.

Most laws of large size and scope have something called a “severability clause” attached to them. Essentially, this means that if one part of a piece of large legislation is ruled unconstitutional by a court, that unconstitutional portion is “severed” from the rest of the bill — the ruling doesn’t stop the rest of the law from being enforced.

The trouble for Obamacare is that it doesn’t have a severability clause. If you’re an opponent of Obamacare, this all sounds pretty good — it indicates that if Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is successful in his Virginia case against the individual mandate, the entire legislation could collapse. But the answer isn’t that simple.

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4. Does Paul Krugman Understand Finance?

When it comes to the ‘framing’ of public discourse on entitlements, Paul Krugman is accustomed to writing columns that are more about issuing commands than making arguments; he has railed in the past even against President Obama for admitting that yes, we do have a problem paying for the explosive present and future growth of entitlements. But even for this genre of “there is no crisis” column, his latest is a head-scratcher.

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5. Solutions for America

The Heritage Foundation . . . put out a comprehensive conservative road map titled “Solutions for America” earlier today. It is important for conservatives to be against bad ideas that expand the size and scope of the federal government. It is also important for conservatives to have ideas that will bring real Hope and Change to America. Let’s bring this country back to the nation envisioned by our Founding Fathers. The policies of the Obama Administration that forward “Progressive” agenda including a failed Stimulus plan, ObamaCare and the New START Treaty are merely a few examples of a government that is doing harm to our economic and national security.

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