The Idiocy of Barack Obama's Mosque Support

Barack Obama last night came out forcefully in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque. He said he believed our nation’s founding principles demanded it.Really?Which of those founding principles? This man was a law professor. Surely he understands that our founding principles do not compel the President of the United States to support the specific act of an individual based on our founding principles. Otherwise, he no doubt supports revolution because that is the principle on which our republic began, see e.g. the Declaration of Independence.There is, in fact, a difference between the exertion of a legal right and supporting the use of a legal right that is offensive.Under Barack Obama’s logic, the President of the United States now supports jihad apparently. After all, jihad is an Islamic teaching and our founding principles of freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof must compel Obama’s support for jihad.Likewise, all those religious sects still practicing polygamy can go to town. After all, there is a more solid historic foundation for polygamy than gay marriage and if we can have one, surely our founding principles now compel we have the other.Oh — what about the Greater First Church of Satan wanting to do human sacrifice of a willing victim? I guess our founding principles demand the President support that too. After all, it is a religious belief and only willing participants.No doubt Barack Obama will now also forcefully come out in favor of protesting abortion clinics. After all, our founding principles support freedom of speech.Just don’t hint at opposing Barack Obama. Our very founding principle — the right of a free people to choose their own leader — makes you a fringe, anti-American racist.The logic Barack Obama is using to support the noxious notion that a mosque should be built at Ground Zero opens up all sorts of logical avenues our Genius in Chief probably never even thought about.Lastly, I guess his new found appreciation for our founding principles came after the National Day of Prayer. To paraphrase Keder on Twitter, the left believes putting a mosque at Ground Zero is awesome, as long as Christians are not praying in school.




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