Is the Colorado Independent Making Up Numbers to Discredit Scott Rasmussen?

As I noted yesterday, Scott Rasmussen has out a new poll showing Ken Buck beating Michael Bennet in Colorado. In fact, back on July 27th, Rasmussen polled Colorado and found in that poll too that Buck is beating Bennet.Well, the left-wing Colorado “Independent” has a story out on the poll and includes this nugget:


A July 27 poll saw Bennet pulling down only 42 percent of the vote against Buck.In that same late July poll, Rasmussen leaned heavily toward Norton in the GOP primary match-up she lost to Buck. Rasmussen reported Norton leading Buck 48 percent to 39 percent. Buck appears to have won the primary by roughly 4 points.

The implication there, of course, is that Rasmussen was way the heck off only a few short weeks ago and the person in first place got beat. The left has been telling us all year that we can trust Research 2000 but can’t trust Rasmussen. There’s just one problem.Here is the survey in question, actually taken on July 26, 2010, and as you can see for yourself Rasmussen did not do a Buck v. Norton poll question.I know the Democrats are doing their best to portray Ken Buck as crazy, but seeing imaginary poll numbers might just be more mental than wanting to fix social security.


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