Wisconsin 3: Put it on Your Radar

Wisconsin’s third congressional district is not really on anybody’s radar right now. It should be. I have obtained a copy of some polling done in the district that suggests incumbent Democrat Ron Kind has some significant problems that can be exploited.


In a year when anything is possible in politics, it is very possible that Dan Kapanke could be Ron Kind.

In a survey of 300 voters in the 3rd, 65% of voters consider the country on the wrong track.

If the election were held today, 45% say they’d vote Republican, 36% would vote Democrat, and 15% are undecided.

Barack Obama has 51% disapproval in the district with 39% strongly disapproving and only 22% strongly approving.

Now, here’s the kicker. While Kind has 51% favorability in the district, 49% say they would vote for a new person with only 37% saying they’d vote to re-elect the incumbent. Why? The issues.

37% say the top issue must be jobs and the economy.
26% say balancing the federal budget is their top issue.
Only 10% say making health care more affordable is their issue, which humorous, is only 3% higher than people who think taxes need to be cut.


When names are put with the district, 38% say they’d vote for Dan Kapanke and 44% say they’d vote for Ron Kind. That’s not good for an incumbent Democrat. That’s not good at all.

Oh, and 65% of the district thinks Obama’s stimulus package was government spending without any real job creation and 54%say the government is doing too much best left to the private sector.

With some resources, Dan Kapanke could be a surprise winner in Wisconsin come November.


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