Another Democrat Refuses to be Anywhere Near Barack Obama

Barack Obama is going to visit Georgia. Obama is going to speak at a gathering of disabled veterans. He’ll then do a DNC fundraiser.The elected Republican Governor, Sonny Perdue, has moved heaven and earth on his schedule to make sure he can get out of what he was doing to be there to greet the President.According to his spokesman, “[E]ven if you disagree with his policies, we think its important to respect the office of the president and welcome him to Georgia.”You can imagine that if the Republican Governor has “juggle[d] things around on his schedule to be able to greet the President” that the Democratic nominee for Governor would also do the same with his schedule.Well . . . not exactly.


Meanwhile, Roy Barnes, the Democratic nominee for governor, won’t be anywhere in sight. Barnes will be in south Georgia campaigning. His campaign manager said that by the time they learned of Obama’s trip, Barnes’ schedule was already locked in.

I wonder if Congressman Jim Marshall (D-GA8) will be there.



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