Why Tiahrt Matters

A millimeter. A centimeter. An inch. They are all measures of distance. Even the smallest of them measures some distance.Our job this year as conservatives is to put some distance between us and the left. In doing so, it is our job to push the Senate Republican to the right. Every inch counts when dealing with 100 senators and 40 or 50 Republicans.Every inch.In Kansas, the Republican will win the general election. The question is who — Jerry Moran or Todd Tiahrt. The distance between the two men may only be inches on some issues, but are miles on others. And in each case, Todd Tiahrt is to the right of Jerry Moran.Todd Tiahrt moves the Senate right. Jerry Moran does not. In fact, Jerry Moran’s former campaign manager is declaring his support for Todd Tiahrt.


Moore provided a copy of his letter to The Associated Press and sent it to the Tiahrt campaign. He told AP he wrote it with “entirely no input from any other source.”He was Moran’s campaign manager from February through mid-April, though campaign finance records show he remained on the payroll through May. He said he was forced out, without elaborating.”To my surprise, Jerry Moran winced at the frequent use of the words ‘conservative’ or ‘pro-life’ to portray himself out of fear he might offend moderate or pro-choice voters,” Moore wrote in his letter.Moore added: “He ultimately relented to the political realities and has thoroughly advertised himself as ‘pro-life’ and ‘conservative’ to describe who he needed to become to get elected.”

Sour grapes maybe. But it fits with Moran who, should he lose, will be another Bob Inglis — railing against those tea party rubes. If elected, he’ll keep quiet, but he’ll spend his time in the Senate, issue after issue, undermining conservatives.That’s another reason we should all be supporting Todd Tiahrt.



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