This is Like Season 4 of 24, But With the Economy Instead of Terrorism

In Season 4 of the television show 24, President John Keeler is on Air Force One as it is blown out of the sky. Under the 25th amendment, power transfers to the Vice President, Charles Logan.But Logan is unable to deal with the demands of national security, so his Chief of Staff convinces him to bring former President David Palmer back to handle all the national security issues.Well, 24 has become reality. Except instead of terrorism and stray nukes we’re talking the economy. Barack Obama brought back Bill Clinton to handle the economy.


President Obama summoned former President Bill Clinton and business leaders to the White House on Wednesday to talk about how to improve the nation’s employment situation, on the same day that the administration released a report alleging that their $862 billion stimulus has saved roughly three million jobs.The meeting with Clinton was announced mid-morning on Wednesday and was yet another sign that Obama is worried by the increasing perception that his policies — particularly the regulatory regimes created by the health care and financial regulation legislation — are anti-business and are having a negative impact on the economy.Obama and Clinton met with Honeywell CEO David Cote, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, Centerbridge Partners Managing Principal Mark Gallogly, Johnson Controls VP David Myers, Hannon Armstrong CEO Jeff Eckel, and Ameresco executive VP David Anderson.

Let’s see here . . . if they are taking cues from 24, next season we should see Barack Obama involved in an international incident with the Russians that doesn’t end so well. Kind of like the whole Russian spy business happening the day after Obama took Putin’s puppet to Ray’s Hell Burger.Oh, I guess we’re running seasons together now.By the way, I thought businesses had no problem with Obama. Why then does he need Bill Clinton?



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