Rick Barber for Congress

One of my big, big regrets this campaign season is that I have not been able to get over to Alabama to do an event with Rick Barber. He has asked and I very much wanted to, but my schedule has made it impossible.But I want to help and I want you to help. Rick Barber is going to be one heck of an outstanding congressman and his opponent, Martha Roby, is unimpressive. She is typical of what we like to call the country club Republicans, but more accurately the status quo Republicans. She’ll bring home the bacon. She’ll vote the right way on most issues. But she’s not going to get her hands dirty fighting for freedom.Rick Barber is an in trenches, take no prisoners freedom fighter. Were Tom DeLay to ever tell Rick Barber he must vote for something like No Child Left Behind or Eric Cantor to tell him he must vote for something like TARP, Rick Barber will put them both in his truck, drive right up to the gates of hell, drop them off, and head back to the light of freedom.He’s not going to put up with nonsense from the Democrats or the Republicans. He’s my kind of guy. He’s my kind of Congressman. And I really hate I haven’t been able to get over and do an event with him.But you people in Alabama can go vote for him if you live in his district.

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