Attention Members of Congress

The effort to repeal Obamacare continues to gain steam. The King discharge petition, backed by Heritage Action, now has 94 Members on board. But it is still a wonder why it is taking so long for the other Members–both Republican and the Democrats who claim to oppose Obamacare–to sign? Every time these Members vote, they have an opportunity to go and sign on the dotted line. So why the delay? Congress is headed into the July recess, and tonight is the last opportunity for Members to sign on to the campaign for full repeal for more than a week. We need to continue the momentum by having the stragglers sign up tonight. If not, next week, when they are home in their districts, it will be time to call them out by name for why they are don’t seem very committed to the cause. A special note to you Blue Dogs: Why yes, we’ll be beating you up during recess for your lack of signatures. I’m looking at you two Jim Marshall and John Barrow.



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