Chuck Efstration: A Personal Favor

One of the toughest things about my job is that it is very hard to make and keep friends in the political arena. Not that I intended to, but I have become known as the guy who keeps our side in line.With that, I have arrived at the age where friends of mine decide to run for political office and want my endorsement. It is a very rare thing to get. Most of my friends running for office don’t rise to the level of a RedState caliber candidate.So I’m really glad to finally have one who does. My friend Chuck Efstration is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District in Georgia. I’ve know Chuck for years. He’s not just a Republican, but he is solidly conservative.He’s not going to cave to leadership. He’s not going to fold. Chuck will stand up for conservatives. He’ll fight for what’s right, not for what’s easy.Chuck’s a young guy. The establishment has aligned against him in favor of the Republican who they feel has paid his dues and kissed the right rings.I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in freedom fighters. And Chuck will fight for freedom.If you can help him, please do. He needs it and he’ll be with us in Congress.



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