Jane Norton in Full Meltdown. Takes a Page From Tim Bridgewater's Playbook

The United States Chamber of Bailouts has gone to Colorado to endorse the person they view as most likely to vote for bailouts in the future: Jane Norton.In taking the Chamber’s endorsement, like Tim Bridgewater before her, Jane Norton has decided to directly attack Senator Jim DeMint.


“DeMint lost more of his fair share,” she said, reminding listeners that the senator’s favored candidate in the California Senate race, Chuck DeVore, lost badly to Carly Fiorina. “Think about California.”

There’s just one problem with that. The Chamber lost Bridgewater and Grayson — the two candidates they chose in races against DeMint endorsed candidates.At the same time, Norton has released a ridiculous commercial trying to shift the debate in the Colorado Republican Primary from spending, taxes, and the economy to national security.That’s right. She’s trying to scare people into voting for her suggesting Ken Buck would somehow be soft on terror.Trey Grayson tried the same thing against Rand Paul in Kentucky. Didn’t work out so well for him.



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