Is Tim Bridgewater Crazy?

Robert Costa has an article at National Review about today’s race in Utah and I come away with the distinct impression that Tim Bridgewater must be crazy.Why?Well, there is this bit:


Bridgewater doesn’t hide that he has little love for the Palmetto State senator. “It will take me a long time before I feel comfortable working with him,” he says. “If I’m elected, there are going to be some problems that will need to be reconciled. I don’t know what Jim DeMint’s underlying agenda is, and I’m not happy with his involvement in this race. It’s fine for him to endorse, but for him to run attack ads against me is uncalled for. . . . An outsider like Jim DeMint ought to focus on his own state.” If he makes it to the upper chamber, Bridgewater says he’ll want to work closely with Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) and Sen. Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.), among others.

Um, you can go look at the FEC reports yourself for the Senate Conservatives Fund. Jim DeMint has spent exactly zero on “ads against [Bridgewater].”Nothing. Nada. Zero.Meanwhile, Bridgewater is dropping thousands in the state attacking Jim DeMint. The man must be nuts.


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