The Bridgewater - Eager Team Takes the Bait

Yesterday I posted this and noted, “Cherilyn Eager’s IP address at RedState is identical to one used by an anonymous Bridgewater supporter’s at RedState.”Now, here’s the key: I never said which post or comment was shared.Nonetheless, our resident anonymous Bridgewater supporter decided to proactively point out that


The post: not posted by me, and the IP address for that post would not match mine.

That’s true. But this comment by Cherily Eager denying any impropriety in her meetings with Bridgewater came from the same IP address utah_cares has been used to go after DeMint and Mike Lee and defend Tim Bridgewater.The other Eager comments all share the same IP address as arc_ut, who also typically recommended diaries posted by Eager.Sock puppet much?


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