Joe Miller for US Senate

At midnight last night my phone rang. It was Joe Miller calling from Alaska. It’s the first we’ve spoken on the phone, though we’ve traded emails and I’ve certainly been intrigued by his candidacy.Sarah Palin has gotten on board. The Tea Party Express has gotten on board. Conservatives from around the country are rallying to him against Lisa Murkowski — one of Mitch McConnell’s loyal lieutenants who he keeps in place to shut down people like Jim DeMint and the fiscal conservatives in the Senate.Joe has an uphill battle, but he is right on the issues. Murkowski is disputing his candidate comparison, but he is on the money.Murkowski is opposed to full repeal of Obamacare. Murkowski is pro-choice.Murkowski did support TARP.Murkowski is weak on border security.Joe Miller stands on the opposite side of Murkowski on all those things.Friends, we did great work getting rid of Bob Bennett. Now we need to do the same to Lisa Murkowski. Let’s join Sarah Palin and Joe Miller and keep cleaning up our own side before the Democrats try to tar and feather good conservatives with guilt by associating with the likes of Lisa Murkowski.I’m proud to support Joe Miller for the United States Senate.



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