Mike Lee Is Up 9 Points

In the race for Bob Bennett’s Senate seat in Utah, Mike Lee is ahead by 9 points. (PDF)This is important because Bridgewater can write himself huge checks between now and the primary election to close any gap, so the further ahead Mike is the better.This also means you need to give as much money as you can as quickly as you can and conservative groups across the nation need to rally for Mike Lee.Tim Bridgewater is a terrible candidate and will not be a significant improvement over Bob Bennett. 1. Tim Bridgewater was originally for No Child Left Behind. (Source)2. Tim Bridgewater was originally for Medicare Part D. (Source)3. Tim Bridgewater was the Western States Coordinator for John McCain in the 2008 presidential primary. (Source)4. Tim Bridgewater was a registered lobbyist for foreign corporations (In fact, in 2004 he lobbied for the Thai Frozen Food Association so fat cat lobbyist like him could eat more imported shrimp from Thailand) (Source)5. All of the “businesses” Tim Bridgewater has founded, owns, or advises use government funding, earmarks, stimulus fund, or NCLB money to operate (On one occasion Tim Bridgewater helped secure a federal grant of $1 million for a power company in Indonesia that he is a commissioner for and then in turn hired a company that he is a consultant for)6. Tim Bridgewater has a habit of purchasing endorsements. (Source and Source)We do not need a man like this in the United States Senate. Mike Lee is a constitutional conservative who will fight for freedom, not sell it off to fund otherwise unprofitable companies.



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