The Great Divorce

People on the right often look at corporations and this administration and see an administration hostile to the free market. Therefore, we defend the corporations.It is natural and it should be the default. At the same time, however, we should be willing to point out the massive ties between British Petroleum and the Obama Administration.From Rahm Emanuel to Barack Obama’s own campaign coffers to pollster Stan Greenberg — the list goes on and on and I wonder how much latitude this administration gave their friends at British Petroleum.Couple the friendship with Obama’s refusal to want to go near the problem lest Obama own it and you have your disaster.So, today the White House is “divorcing” itself from BP. At least that is the word the White House wants everyone in the media to use. It is White House spin regurgitated by a media trying to save Camelot 2.Unlike most divorces, this one is coming with Eric Holder throwing around the words “criminal prosecution”? For what exactly? Certainly if there was criminal misconduct, let’s prosecute. But if we’re going for criminal negligence, let’s remember that British Petroleum was at least doing something to try to stop the oil flow all while Barack Obama was hunkered down in the White House and at the golf course refusing to talk about it lest it become his responsibility.That gets us to the point of the whole thing: George Bush botched the handling of Katrina. But he did not run away from Katrina. Like 9/11, George Bush took responsibility.Barack Obama tries never to take responsibility because if he does and something goes wrong, he might, just might, get blamed.That is not leadership. Heck, that is not even competence.Another great divorce is coming — that between the American public and Barack Obama.



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