Morning Briefing for June 1, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For June 1, 2010

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1. Obama’s Potemkin Presidency

It is becoming increasingly clear that neither Obama nor his administration nor the Democrat Congress are up to the task of governance. We chronicled the shouting match between former MMS director Liz Birnbaum and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that resulted in her being fired shortly before she was scheduled to testify before a Congressional subcommittee headed by the corrupt Jim Moran on the lackadaisical efforts of the administration to ameliorate the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.The ineffectualness of the administration was on display for all to see last week. Over a month after the spill began, Obama was able to take time away from his busy schedule of back to back vacations to visit the Gulf. He was there for about three hours — which would equate to about nine holes of golf — gave an insipid speech and left. And then there was this:Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Fail: Obama Admin Now Even Failing at Chicago Style Politics

As further proof that whatever President Obama touches turns into a huge failure, even the administration’s recent attempts at Chicago style politics have failed miserably. They are so inept, partially due to unmitigated gall, that even the one thing in which the administration is well-versed, the Chicago Way, turns into another strike against them. You would think that they’d have learned the “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up” deal by now, but in a breathtaking display of incompetence, they’ve shown that they have not.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Congress Fails. Part 931.

Back in February it was Armageddon. Republican Senator Jim Bunning was blocking an extension of unemployment insurance on a matter of principle. He simply wanted Congress to cut spending somewhere to pay for the extension. And by block, I mean he refused to agree to an extension by unanimous consent which would have put a lot of senators, of both parties, in the uncomfortable and unaccustomed position of taking a stand on an issue. The Huffington Post nearly developed an industry in demeaning a handful of senators who were simply requiring a recorded vote.Friday, Congress quietly left town for Memorial Day with a bill to extend unemployment benefits still not passed. Tens of thousands will lose benefits on Tuesday. No one blocked the bill. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi simply couldn’t get their act together, the House getting around to acting on the bill only after the Senate had adjourned.The crickets you hear chirping at the lefty blogs, like Huffington Post, is the sound of abject and unprincipled hypocrisy. Altogether it is unsurprising.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. A Note On The Company You Keep

I understand that aspects of the new Arizona immigration law are contraversial. I also understand that as a non-minority I might not fully appreciate how threatening some of the provisions in the law might seem. But it is also a fact that illegal immigration is threatening our national security, and Arizona is on the front line. From where I sit at least Governor Jan Brewer is attempting to do something to rectify the situation, not just turn a blind eye while uttering soothing politically-correct platitudes. You might think that any conversations about developing a coherant national immegration policy should include her–and is it that great a stretch to imagine that the President and the Director of Homeland Security would even look for an oppotunity to discuss and debate the Arizona legislation with Governor Brewer were she to visit Washington, D.C.?Apparently the answer to that question is no.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Obama’s Oil Spill Dilemma

For the last fifteen years, I’ve been the operations manager for a small Gulf of Mexico oil and gas company. I’ve had more than a few sleepless nights in that time, whether it be worrying about a problem well, a reported accident or an impending hurricane. Since Barack Obama has assumed full accountability for the outcome of the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I offer this advice as one who understands the nature, if not the scope, of the challenge facing him.With all due respect, sir, rookies make rookie mistakes.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. The Inside Skinny on Offshore Regulation

Amidst the puffing, pontificating and finger-pointing in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, two large questions loom:Who will the Feds hold accountable?How can our government assure us that a big oil spill will never happen again?Quick answers, with a caveat (I’m an engineer, not a lawyer) . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. Reading is not a strength for the Robin Carnahan campaign

This past week, the campaign for Democrat Senate candidate Robin Carnahan released a hit video criticizing Republican Senate candidate Rep. Roy Blunt about his response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The video claims that “BP’s Bill for Cleanup is only $75M” and that supposedly, Blunt is OK with that.One problem: current law does NOT cap cleanup costs at $75M. It clearly states that the violator (BP, in this case), must pay the ENTIRE cost for spill cleanup, plus $75M. BP has already committed to reimbursing any legitimate claims for financial impact, and has even appointed an independent mediator to intervene for disputed claims.You would think that Carnahan’s campaign consultants would have at least read the law before creating their hit vid – but you would be wrong.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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