The nocturnal excretions of toenail clipping stalkers

Ben Smith of the Politico called Will Folks “credible” when the “inappropriate physical relationship” story broke. Michael Brendan Doughtery called him “revered” and said “His reputation since leaving the governor’s office has only increased. He has become South Carolina’s essential political blogger.”Like the only two movie critics quoted on a movie scoring 5% at Rotten Tomatoes, those quotes may come back to . . . . hahahahahaha . . . . who am I kidding — there’s no accountability for the circle of young beltway journalist-pundits who hang together and consider diversity of thought ordering two different things at Ben’s Chili Bowl while discussing how actual conservatives suck.In any event, as things start dribbling out about Will Folks and what he may or may not have and may or may not have done, a more and more disturbing picture of him is taking shape — we’ve got some stalker vibe going on. Maybe ‘inappropriate physical contact’ happened after all. I get a real “collecting toenails and hair and building a ‘companion’ to share late night microwave burritos in the basement with” vibe that would make even a San Franciscan nervous. Maybe.In fact, this picture of Kos had been the gold standard for stalker vibe among the bloggerati and we may now have a new gold standard.With a fist in Nikki Haley’s face and some totally creepy . . . . I’m at a loss here . . . . creepiness (?) going on, I present to you the Will Folks video interview of Nikki Haley that Folks apparently put together himself.This is from last year.And Verum Serum gets all the credit for putting this on the RedState radar.Let’s go to Ace with more on this including:


What’s he doing smuggling in not one but several “jokes” about beating up Nikki Haley in this video?If he’s innocent, I guess I sort of understand that he doesn’t think he should be branded as a woman-beater.. and yet… Does that extend to making jokes about giving Haley a taste of his knuckles?I guess so.And then he has a shot of “Nikki Haley” shuddering in fear.WTF?

Now, parting thought here: I have it on very good authority from a third party group not connected to any of the campaigns that Folks was trying to sell this story last year. Sell it.


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