The games they play

In Barack Obama’s America businesses must do crazier and crazier stuff to make money — frequently taking advantage of customers in ways the Democrats claimed were happening before they decided to “fix” the system.Remember, Obama and the Democrats keep mucking things up for businesses by claiming the businesses are screwing consumers. So the businesses must then really screw the consumers to make a profit.I now know this first hand.I had a student loan with CFS Educational Lending. Chase bought CFS. For the past ten years I’ve had my bank account set up to send the same amount of money on the first day of every month to CFS.Then the Democrats destroy private educational lending. Chase decides to get out of the game. Chase sells my loan to a company called ACS. Chase tells me to redirect payment, effective May 1st, to ACS Educational Lending to their Utica, NY address.I do.I now get a past-due bill for over $1,000.00 from ACS. “How can this be,” I think? I’ve had my bank set up to auto-pay every month for ten years. All I did was chance the address and account number to what Chase told me to use for ACS.Well, ACS had decided to bifurcate my student loan into two accounts. Oh, and the address to send the checks was different from the address Chase told me to use. ACS applied my full payment to one of what are now two loan accounts — naturally the one with the smaller monthly payment. In addition to owing over $1000.00, I also owe a huge late fee.After haggling on the phone with the ACS guy, he not only acknowledged that yes, my bank was right, they had deposited my checks despite sending them to what is the wrong address and yes, they would take out the overpayments from the one account, apply them to the other account, and I would no longer be in arrears.But naturally they are refusing to get rid of the late payment fee.These are the unintended consequences of Democrats mucking up the system because their union goon buddies feel entitled to things they are not. Consumers get more screwed than they were before the mucking up of the system and we enter a Kafkaesque realm of rules, regulations, bifurcated accounts, and other odd disorderly operations.



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