Join Sarah Palin & RedState in Helping Nikki Haley

No one cared about Nikki Haley when she was in third place in South Carolina — no one, that is, except RedState and Sarah Palin.Now guess what? Nikki Haley is in first place with a double digit lead over the number two candidate. Rasmussen has her at 11 points up. So what do they do? A blogger claims he has an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Nikki Haley. Mind you, he doesn’t say sex, but that is the implication.It all comes about after Republican leaders in the South Carolina House and Senate get together to figure out a way to stall Haley’s momentum. They couldn’t attack her record. They couldn’t attack her business dealings. So they went straight for sleaze.Well, Sarah Palin and RedState are not going to abandon Nikki Haley just because some blogger claims he stole her toenail clippings or something. But time is short. And Nikki Haley is going to need cash fast to combat this smear. We’ve stood up for her the whole time. It’s time we put our money where our mouth is.I’m in for another $100.00. I hope you’ll join me and give what you can. Join Sarah Palin and RedState — let’s fight the smears and support Nikki Haley.



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