A Note to Danny Tarkanian

I’ve said that I intend to check poll numbers about two weeks from the California election to see if I think conservatives should stay with Chuck DeVore or switch to Carly Fiorina.It is looking more and more like the answer will be that Fiorina should drop out. If the goal is to beat Tom Campbell in the primary, all the polling shows a DeVore drop out will help Campbell and DeVore outperforms Fiorina against Boxer.But I intend to be consistent. I’ve expressed my concerns about Sharon Angle in the general election, but will say again how much I like the lady and how much I really think she would be so much better both against Reid and in the Senate compared to Sue Lowden.Polling is showing Sharon Angle has the momentum. I’d love to stick with Danny Tarkanian, but if he is not going in the right direction, unlike in California where Chuck DeVore is the only acceptable conservative for conservatives, Sharon Angle is a perfectly acceptable conservative in Nevada — in fact, truth be told, she’s probably a more hard core conservative than even Danny.So while I think Danny may have a greater chance of not imploding against Reid, Danny v. Sharon in the primary means Sue Lowden gets the nomination and I find that more unacceptable than Fiorina getting the nomination in California.If I’m going to be consistent in trying to get the viable conservative elected, the rule must apply in Nevada too and that means you should not be surprised if very soon I’m urging everyone to get onboard Sharon Angle’s campaign bus.We must beat Harry Reid, but we need a real conservative to do it.



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