In Summation

Arlen Specter is no more. Hahahahahahaha. This makes the fourth person in a statewide race to lose after Barack Obama campaigned for him.Trey Grayson went down in flames to Rand Paul, who openly embraced the tea party label.Tim Burns lost the special election in PA-12, but will now run in the general election for November against the Democrat. It is important to note that the Democrat, Critz, to get the win had to run to the right, repudiating large portions of Barack Obama’s agenda.In Arkansas, it looks like Blanche Lincoln will make it into a runoff, but her margin of victory is so close to Lt. Gov. Halter, she could lose the run off. She too ran against Barack Obama.The only Democrat to survive out and out the night running to the left was Joe Sestak. And Pat Toomey is going to beat him in November.Oh, and on Saturday, Charles Djou, a Republican, is going to win in a heavily Democrat district in Hawaii.



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