Morning Musings

In order to keep the Morning Briefing short, I’m breaking out my morning musings into this separate post.

We Have Someone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that we have someone in custody. The man, from Pakistan, was attempting to leave the country. He is somehow connected, or believed to be connected, to the Times Square car bomb.


Whaaa . . . ?

We’ve released the classified data on exactly how many nuclear weapons we have. The world has always had to guess. The administration thinks doing this will get other countries to be as transparent.No, other countries will now laugh at the fool we elected President. Everything Barack Obama does makes sense if you consider Barack Obama believes the United States to be the chief threat to peace in the world. It’s the only way to explain everything he has done.


It looks like it could be international terrorism behind the potential New York City bomb.Folks, I’ve asked repeatedly over the years how many people are going to die because of Barack Obama undermining our national security. So far, thank God, none. But luck is not a national security policy and so far it seems Barack Obama has gotten lucky, mostly, save for Fort Hood and a few others.The enemy senses weakness. Giving away our classified secrets doesn’t help.


There are a whole lot more stress free red counties than blue counties. Why do you think that is?

Closing Doors

Sad day in Washington. The front doors to the Supreme Court are closing. It’s a security matter. Washington just isn’t accessible like it used to be. Sign of the times. Hey, even the press gets evicted from Lafayette Park when Obama doesn’t want them to cover something.


The 10th Amendment

Kudos to these Members of Congress. They will immediately be portrayed as racists for daring to champion states’ rights and the 10th Amendment.But this is needed. What I’m talking about is some Republicans are setting up a 10th Amendment Task Force to look at federal programs, etc.Well done.


James Dobson retracted his endorsement of Trey Grayson in Kentucky saying senior Repubilcans misled him. Really? What senior Republicans would do that? The ones who told us Charlie Crist is conservative?


The Republican primary in Indiana is today. Go Marlin.

Do They Wear Togas?

This says everything about problems in DC. The media will hail it as bipartisan wonderfulness. The rest of us can see it for what it is — political opportunism by the ones who lack principle and just like power.Can we primary Lamar Alexander like we’ve done to Bob Bennett?


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