Media Matters ADMITS Barack Obama Has Bribed Congressman Jim Matheson

Media Matters, doing its typical shilling for the Obama Administration, threw up some lame talking points about Barack Obama appointing Scott Matheson, brother of Congressman Jim Matheson, to the federal bench.


The right has pointed out it has the appearance of bribery.

Today, trying to refute the accusation, Media Matters gives away the game. Casually in defending the appointment, Media Matters notes Scott Matheson told the White House in June of 2009 that he wanted Judge Michael McConnell’s job when it became available at the end of August 2009.

When does Barack Obama choose to appoint Scott Matheson?

Yesterday. The same day he has over the appointee’s brother, a congressman, to persuade the Congress to change his no vote on health care to a yes vote.

The Great Gavel Giveaway of 2010 is looking more and more like Gavelgate thanks to the industrious spinning of Media Matters trying to be helpful.

You know, giving Athena Innovative Solutions, Inc. defense contracts after $2 million in gifts to Duke Cunningham got Duke Cunningham thrown in jail. Giving a congressman’s brother life tenure on the federal bench in exchange for supporting the President’s legacy project is not much different.



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