Leftists Attempt to Destroy Academics

Look, we always joke that the left is more about indoctrination than education, but this is ridiculous.

Bill Ayers (yeah him), the Woods Fund of Chicago that Barack Obama used to manage, and George Soros are funding some program called the “Fair Test.” And it’s not just them. The Fair Test has ties to NARAL, various Democratic party sub-groups, and a host of other left wing interests.


The “Fair Test” isn’t really a test at all. It’s a movement to scrap standardized tests for college admissions standards because the left is convinced they discriminate. In fact, under the “Fair Test”, the left doesn’t even really want colleges to look at a student’s grade point average.


The left has so bought in to the notion that standardized tests discriminate against preferred groups, they need a new end-run around the growing effort to get rid of race-based preferential admissions policies.

Given how entrenched the Fair Test movement is in the Democrat Party, watch for Congress to start whittling away at standardized tests for college admissions in favor of a more “holistic” approach.


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