Opinion: Killing Capitalism

When it comes to implementing their vision of the what the world order ought to look like, Communists have never been concerned with the costs. I’d cite an example, but literally every instance of communist government in history has ended in mass murder, incarceration, and poverty, so specificity isn’t needed.


In America, the socialists play by the same rules. Using any excuse or scapegoat, willing to propagandize and bamboozle, the Left continues to push for the favorability of socialism – especially amongst the youth – and their raid on business and capitalism is as present as ever in our current news-cycle.

As America finds herself in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, business’ continue to suffer from the seemingly endless lockdown orders imposed mainly by left-wing governors and municipalities. Most business owners, eager to be positive contributors to the welfare of their communities, agreed to respect lockdown orders in an effort to “flatten the curve.” Yet, the curve has long been flattened, and localities under the leadership of left-wing government still haven’t been granted the opportunity to return to work. Instead, these government entities continue to hold on to the increased powers granted to them by virtue of emergency orders.

At first, it was hard not to recognize “the most dramatic government intervention into our lives” and the economic downturn associated with it as a legitimate attempt to control what seemed to be an uncontrollable virus. But it has now been weeks since even Dr. Fauci, the most cautious of medical experts, indicated that the countries business’ must re-open. Nonetheless the Democrats, to whom Dr. Fauci was a savior for his willingness to contradict the ‘orange man,’ are yet to concede their powers and open business’. The Democrats haven’t changed their tune despite the release of information that shows increased lockdowns lend themselves to health concerns of their own. The prioritization and expansion of government at the expense of free markets and the needs of the populace is of course a cornerstone of tyrannical government.


As if things weren’t brutal enough for business’, they were subsequently subjected to the ludicrous looting associated with the George Floyd riots. What America saw in those riots were wealth redistribution in its rawest form. In a society where socialists are not satisfied to the degree to which wealth is redistributed, they took actions into their own hands, and put the belongings of business owners in the hands of others. The raids had nothing to do with Mr. Floyd and everything to do with rioting our longstanding economic systems.

(Indeed, I wrote elsewhere about how the African American community doesn’t want to be associated with the riots. George Floyd’s own family seems to detest them.)

Business’ of all sizes were effected when criminals decided they had a right to the belongings of others. In a society respectful of capitalism and where developing wealth and creating jobs in large quantities is considered admirable, government would’ve taken action to prevent the complete destruction of private property. Instead, in NYC where circumstances were particularly dire, Bill de Blasio had his law enforcement officials upending Jewish prayer services, as the streets were akin to a war zone just a few blocks over. Targeting religion, the focus of the de Blasio administration recently, in conjunction with implicitly supporting the destruction of private property is yet another cornerstone of tyrannical government. When tyranny reigns government is the religion. When property that is taken from some, for the benefit of all, it can no longer be private.


The socialist game plan is written up in their manifesto, The Communist Manifesto, which is alive today in the hearts and minds of people who have never even read it. Marx and Engel write:

“Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis.” And “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

And so what America faces in the war against the hard-left is not simply the fight of law and order vs. anarchy, it is not simply Republican vs. Democrat, and it is not simply liberal vs conservative. In talking about the war against ANTIFA and the associated ideologies, America is fighting against, as Engels put it in The Conditions of the Working Class in England, the “inversion of the existing social order.” The hard-left, who openly disdain the successful American experiment and the history that has sprouted from it, doesn’t want to mend America; they want to destroy it. “Morality” isn’t a concern to them as long as they accomplish their goal.

The Democrats pseudo-concern for the spread of COVID-19 was put on display for the world to see as they stayed silent when ANTIFA socialists and social justice warriors broke every single rule of social distancing created just to perpetuate an (evil) agenda. Clearly, then, the lockdowns were more about stopping business than stopping COVID. On the streets of these riots, America has watched the reckless and ruthless murder of innocent lives in an attempt to uproot the status quo of our economic systems.


When it comes to this segment of the Left, America can no longer take their claims or concerns at face value. Every single move they make is an effort to move the needle toward an inversion of the existing world order.

They vilified Americans when they went to work, saying we cannot congregate; days later they went on to gather in massive numbers to riot. They lied saying we should mourn (the) death (of George Floyd); and then they killed people of all colors and creeds in the streets. They blamed President Trump for the economic downturn; and then they destroyed people’s sole source of income. 

There is no level of propaganda, death, or poverty that will make communists rethink their vision. This is how the communists have always operated, and it is how they continue to operate, today.

Elliot Fuchs is a political consultant, commentator, and writer. Follow him on twitter @Elliot_Fuchs.


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