Donations to Black Lives Matter Go to 'ActBlue' - The Activist Arm of the Democrat Party

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., center, and other members of Congress, kneel and observe a moment of silence at the Capitol’s Emancipation Hall, Monday, June 8, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington, reading the names of George Floyd and others killed during police interactions. Democrats proposed a sweeping overhaul of police oversight and procedures Monday, an ambitious legislative response to the mass protests denouncing the deaths of black Americans at the hands of law enforcement. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


A young woman suffering from white guilt called a friend of mine to ask what “ActBlue” was? Planning to contribute to Black Lives Matter, she went to their website and clicked on the bright blue “donate” button. She was immediately redirected to ActBlue, which is the activist arm of the Democrat Party.

At the bottom of the page, it clearly states: “ActBlue Charities is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under the law.”

Its website says: “There’s just a 3.95% processing fee on all transactions. That’s the only fee you’ll ever be charged when you use AB Charities.”

In “The Fine Print” section, it states that if a campaign or a committee doesn’t cash an ActBlue check within 60 days or a contribution is refused, the donation “will be re-designated as a contribution to ActBlue.” Those contributions “will be kept by ActBlue and used generally to support its social welfare activities.”

Re-designation of Contributions

In the event that a campaign or committee (a) fails for 60 days to cash a check from ActBlue which includes your contribution (after ActBlue makes repeated attempts to work with the campaign to ensure all checks are cashed), or (b) affirmatively refuses a contribution earmarked through ActBlue, your contribution will be re-designated as a contribution to ActBlue. Contributions to social welfare organizations which are similarly not cashed or affirmatively refused will be kept by ActBlue and used generally to support its social welfare activities. Contributions to charitable organizations which are not cashed or affirmatively refused will go to ActBlue Charities.


Just the News’ Daniel Payne contacted the organization to determine how much money they’ve processed for BLM. Needless to say, he was not given an answer. He wrote:

On the Black Lives Matter donation page, ActBlue states that users can obtain the fundraising group’s “latest financial report” by emailing the company. Yet when asked, the company would not provide that report.

“If you are hoping to review the financial report of any specific nonprofit fundraising via ActBlue Charities, we’d encourage you to reach out to them directly,” a representative said via email on Wednesday when asked for ActBlue’s most recent financial report.

The ActBlue website features a donation tracker which shows that since their establishment in 2004, the organization has raised over $5,247,111,000, a number which has increased by $25,000 in about 20 minutes.

Are you a frequent donor? Then you can sign up for “ActBlue Express Lane.” In bold lettering, the site tells you “that over 10,448, 529 Democratic donors have saved their payment information with us via an ActBlue Express account.” It goes on to say:

The best part? Express users can use their account to give to any candidate or organization on ActBlue. And with our ActBlue Express Lane toolset, you can build single-click automatic payment links for your fundraising emails. That means happier supporters and higher conversion rates.


And no accountability for the Democratic Party!

If you scroll down to where you actually make the donation, you see that the fundraising is managed by NARAL (Pro-Choice America).

Contributions or gifts to NARAL Pro-Choice America, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses under IRC Section 162(e). No funds will be earmarked or reserved for any political purpose. The first $10 of your annual gift keeps your membership status active for an additional year.

[emphasis mine] If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, click here.

Below that, they print their tag line, “Powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country.”

How many people suffering from white guilt over their white privilege have donated to ActBlue believing they were making a contribution to Black Lives Matter? Add to that the money pouring in from foreigners as the riots have spread throughout the world? How much money has ActBlue raked in since the death of George Floyd? I’m sure the figure is breathtaking.

The Democrats have set up a well-organized, highly-developed and exceptionally effective fundraising system which allows them to escape accountability.

Tell me the DNC cares about black lives. As long as the money continues to flow into their coffers, they’ll keep allowing extremists to eat their own with these urban meltdowns.


The left has been hijacked by extremists. We are witnessing events that only a month ago would have been inconceivable.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to take the money out of it.

On Thursday, Media Matters published an article which calls this a conspiracy theory that originated on far-right message boards. They wrote:

A false money laundering conspiracy theory regarding the Black Lives Matter movement’s use of a payment processing company for donations has gained traction online among right-wing figures and can be traced back to far-right message boards.

The conspiracy theory alleges that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is some kind of a front to launder money to Democrats because the BLM website uses ActBlue to process its online fundraising payments. ActBlue is a payment processor used widely by progressive groups and organizations affiliated with the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party has an equivalent processing company called WinRed. As the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics has noted, “many candidates use [ActBlue] to process donations but that money isn’t pooled to be shared across candidates or groups,” and “a donation to BLM through ActBlue goes just to BLM, not any other group.” But the conspiracy theory still has earned well over a million shares and views on social media and has been amplified by a Fox Nation host.

The article goes on trying to debunk sites which have covered the story, and conservatives including Candace Owens and Fox News’ Tomi Lahren, but all of this is disingenuous. The ActBlue site itself acknowledges it takes a 3.95% fee off the top of each contribution and as mentioned above, if it meets specific criteria, ActBlue reserves the right to redirect the funds to ActBlue Charities.


Nice try, but the situation couldn’t be any clearer.


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