Joy Reid: AG 'pins' riots on left-leaning groups when it's 'already documented as coming from white nationalist groups'

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Joy Reid is angry – again.

Earlier today, Attorney General William Barr delivered a statement on the riots which began in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. He said, “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchic and far-left extremist groups using Antifa-like tactics.”


Reid immediately sent the following tweet:

The thread continues:

Bill Barr is not exactly the most trustworthy voice, to put it mildly. He is Trump’s “Hand of the King,” and has already made it clear he will do anything — ANYTHING — to serve Trump’s interests. Journalists need to focus on what the state governments are saying.

What I heard from Minnesota officials — all of them — was that white nationalist groups are planning online, to blend into the protests and stir chaos, “using the legitimate protesters as a human shield.” What logical reason would LEFTwing groups have to burn black communities?

Use your common sense, and calmly reason through what you are seeing. And keep in mind who the Trump regime is. We will be back on this story tomorrow on #AMJoy and we will be re-centering the narrative as well on GEORGE FLOYD. Be safe out there. And don’t get distracted.

Okay, Joy, where is all that documentation? She tells us all of the Minnesota officials she spoke to said white nationalist groups are planning online to blend into the protests and stir chaos, “using the legitimate protesters as a human shield.”

(She probably spoke to MN Attorney General Keith Ellison.)


It is possible that white nationalist groups have shown up. State officials have said so. But no one has offered definitive proof.

The Washington Post reports that state officials have offered little evidence and have contradicted each other:

They variously assigned responsibility for the escalating violence to far-right nationalists, left-wing radicals, drug cartels and possibly foreign agents in statements, news conferences and presidential tweets. Ultimately, the confusion of rioting and looting…offered little clarity and ample opportunity for opposing political parties to advance their own theories.

A report from Fox9 said the majority of those arrested in the past few days are from Minnesota. Yet, today both Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said “the vast majority of the rioters causing destruction are from out of state. Mayor Carter said all of the people arrested in St. Paul overnight were from out of state.”

Mayor Frey, whom Powerline’s Scott Johnson refers to as the ‘boy mayor,’ said, “We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out-of-state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region.”

Frey noted, “This is no longer about protesting, this is about violence. I want to be clear, the people who are doing this are not Minneapolis residents.”

The best answer to who is showing up at these riots might be all of the above. And contrary to Reid’s tweet, there is no documentation. It’s not as if they sign-in when they arrive. My guess is that, although white supremacists may be participating, the majority of the demonstrators are from left-leaning groups.


Here is one of the replies to Reid’s tweet. It is a page from an agitator group’s manual. When I googled 328BG, “328BG Antifa” immediately populated.

In the video below, reporter Lara Logan speaks to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham about the professional agitators (Antifa) who are showing up at the riots and how to spot them in the crowd:

What they are doing is exploiting the existing conditions and exploiting the local residents, exploiting the very justified outpouring of grief and anger. They specialize in masking themselves behind genuine protestors and exploiting these opportunities to agitate and destroy. These are professional antagonizers. They have been trained. They have manuals in how to do this, with their tactics, with their techniques and their procedures.

And if you look at them in a crowd, you can start to pick them out because they’re very different to the rest of the protestors. They typically wear black, all dressed in black, not always. They have different levels in the hierarchical structure. But you’ll see the ones, especially that are in this subculture of professional antagonists and instigators. And, they’re all in black. They often have equipment on their backs. They’ll have gas masks that aren’t the typical masks. Theirs are the expensive ones. They’ll have SDL cameras which cost thousands and thousands of dollars which the average protestor doesn’t have. They’ll have communications like radios with military-grade antennas. You’ll see they have ear pieces in their ears. There are repeaters on top of vehicles and these people come from the outside.

Their slogans are about abolishing the police. They use sayings like the only good cops are dead cops.

So, they’re not looking to reform the system or fix the system or anything like that.

You’ve got a black police chief in Minnesota, right? You’ve got many other black officials. They don’t want to support those people. Those black people are not on their agenda. It’s the people who can be exploited because when Minneapolis is burned to the ground and any other city like Ferguson, they move on. And who’s left holding the baby, right? Who’s left with the destruction? Who’s poorer because their city has been burned down and destroyed? The citizens that they say they care about.





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