Triggered: MSNBC's Chris Hayes Hasn't Felt This 'Incredibly Bleak' Since His 'Darkest Moments Right After the 2016 Election'

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The stress has really gotten to poor Chris Hayes. He feels “just incredibly bleak.” In fact, the MSNBC host tweeted he hasn’t felt this bad since his “absolutely darkest moments right after the 2016 election.” He added, “I could not imagine this moment: thousands of Americans dying a day, an economic contraction to rival the Great Depression and Trump just listing off the names of CEOs while congratulating himself for a job well done.”


The lamestream media took a one-two punch this week. First, after accusing President Trump of not responding quickly enough to contain the spread of the coronavirus at Monday’s White House briefing, the President played a clip of one liberal host after another minimizing the seriousness of the pandemic. Then, on Tuesday, he announced his decision to halt funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the middle of this crisis. ‘It could cost American lives. But what does he care?’ As if the Director-General of WHO’s decision to cover for China didn’t cost American lives.

I applaud President Trump for holding a mirror up so the media could see their own hypocrisy. Of course, they’ll never acknowledge it, but at some level, they surely have to recognize it.

The President should do more of this. Imagine, a short clip at the start of each briefing. It would be almost as sweet as forcing Adam Schiff to watch a video of his “parody” performance of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on the Senate Floor.

The video, which can be viewed at the bottom of the page, showed doctors on MSNBC telling viewers they shouldn’t worry about it in the days leading up to President Trump’s decision to halt flights from China into the U.S., a decision he was widely criticized for at the time. One doctor said, “People should be more concerned right now with the flu in this country.” Another said, “A lot of people are concerned about the coronavirus because they’re hearing a lot of news about it right now. But the reality is, comparing it to the flu for example, it’s not even close to being at that stage.”


All I can say is, if Hayes is feeling blue now, imagine how much bluer he’ll feel when Trump wins a second term.

H/T: Twitchy


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