Union President: Journalists deserve stimulus money; they risk their health to 'provide life-saving information'

Jennifer Rubin


Jon Schleuss is the President of NewsGuild-CWA, the largest US trade union for journalists. He spoke to business technology news website ZDNet about his recent request that Congress include media outlets in its next stimulus package. In addition, his organization is “asking for financial support from state and local governments for their regional news outlets.”


The author points out that the news business has already been hit hard as companies have turned to Google and Facebook for their advertising needs and that “further damage has come from media acquisitions by private equity firms who have been making deep cuts in newsroom staff.” Both of these trends have been affecting the industry for years. This kind of thing happens in every sector and businesses must adapt to the new normal or close. Neither of these factors have anything to do with COVID-19.

Schleuss tells ZDNet that journalists are entitled to stimulus funding because they “are risking their own health to provide life-saving information to a nation sheltering in place. We cannot stand by and let news organizations in our communities die. Public stimulus funds are the only way to ensure the long-term viability of the news organizations people rely on.”

That’s where he loses many of us. They’re risking their health to provide life-saving information to a nation sheltering in place? He’s asking us to see journalists as heroes? On par with the doctors and nurses who are working directly with COVID-19 patients on a daily basis? That’s preposterous.

Do us all a favor and stay home.

Over 90% of those in the mainstream media are liberals. Rather than providing us with the news, they offer us propaganda. Every story is spun to fit their liberal agenda. I am convinced that Nancy Pelosi calls into the DNC and gives them the newest talking points which they quickly distribute to media outlets. We see the results of this every night on cable TV. They use the exact same words to describe stories.


Most journalists today see themselves as celebrities. They are prideful and condescending. Good luck getting President Trump and a Republican Senate to sign off on a bill which provides funds to people who have worked hand in hand with the Democratic Party to destroy his presidency every day for over three years.

The reality is that most Americans are onto them by now, because they’ve taken it too far. Rather than providing a service to Americans, they’ve become dangerous to us. They no longer even try to hide their agendas.

So, to answer your question? No, Congress should not save US newspapers struggling to cover COVID-19.


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