HuffPo Reporter Asks How Biden and Pelosi Screwed Up Coronavirus Response So Badly

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)



The Huffington Post’s Zack Carter is very unhappy with President Trump’s management of the Coronavirus crisis. He rattles off the usual laundry list of Democratic talking points from ‘Trump called it a hoax’ to ‘he saw it coming and did nothing to prepare.’ Therefore, we now face an even worse crisis. This, he claims, “is the result of political malpractice, not merely biological bad luck.”

We expect to hear that from a far-left media outlet, especially eight months away from a presidential election.

The surprise was to read Carter’s take on Democratic Party leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden. “Trump,” he writes, “does not have a monopoly on political malpractice. The Democratic response to the coronavirus has been a political disaster.”

He believes Democratic lawmakers have been too loyal “to a leadership that is increasingly obviously unfit for the emergency at hand.” I agree with that. Democrats recently allowed Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to lead them over a cliff.


He complains that their silence has “allowed a handful of arch-conservative Republicans to take public credit for advancing the popular, progressive idea of just sending every household a large check for the duration of the crisis. Pelosi explicitly rejected that very idea in early talks among House Democrats, overruling pleas from Democratic economists. With Democratic leaders thinking small, a majority of the public now actually approves of Trump’s catastrophic pandemic management, according to a new poll.” Carter continues:

And where is Biden? What, exactly, would Pelosi want to see happen?

What does the Democratic Party even stand for?

Democratic leaders pride themselves on getting things done. They extoll compromise as the highest of all political virtues and boast about reaching across the aisle ? even when the party across the aisle is run by wannabe authoritarians.

An endless parade of centrists vied for the 2020 Democratic nomination not by talking about ideas, but by talking about competence, leadership and other intangibles while warning that candidates that did talk about ideas were too dangerous and scary.

One of those centrists, Biden, has now all but sewn up the nomination — and made himself all but invisible as the worst economic and public health crisis in generations has blossomed.


Carter supports the “practical” plans from Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) of sending “every household thousands of dollars a month in straight cash,” but laments those plans haven’t gained much traction. And he’s unhappy the Democrats have largely turned the decision making over to Republicans.

The coronavirus pandemic should have sounded the death knell for Trumpism as a political project. Democrats have instead given it new life. Which would be fine, if Trump could govern. But the man who called this a hoax is unfit for office and cannot be trusted with power in a crisis. It’s a shame Pelosi and Biden can’t be, either.

If Carter could let go of the Democratic Party talking points, he might be able to understand all that President Trump has actually done to lead the nation through this.

But, his main problem and the point of his article is his disappointment with the Democrats. What did he really expect from them? They only know how to attack, they don’t know how to solve problems.

A pandemic? Let’s just send money to families.

Joe Biden attacks President Trump’s efforts and puts up a plan of his own. Then he posts…President Trump’s plan.


Long before his mental decline, Joe Biden was useless.

The Democrats have been praying for a recession for years, and finally, one has materialized. Yet here they are, foiled again. Because President Trump has taken charge and people have noticed. Four new polls last week showed that the majority of Americans approve of his handling of the crisis.

Zack, why don’t you just admit it? Biden and Pelosi didn’t screw up their response to the pandemic. They had no response. They failed to act. They’ve been happy to blame Trump for the crisis and criticize the steps his administration has taken. But they’ve made no attempts to address the problem. They’ve proven once again that Democrats have nothing to offer the American people.


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