Warren Campaign's Chief Strategist Sends a Very Mixed Message as 2020 Candidates Await Iowa Results

Precinct 68 Iowa Caucus voters seated in the Biden section hold up their first votes as they of the caucus as they are counted at the Knapp Center on the Drake University campus in Des Moines, Iowa, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)



The Chief Strategist for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, Joe Rospars, sent out an interesting pair of tweets early Tuesday morning – exactly one minute apart.

First, he wrote: “It’s a very close race among the top three candidates (Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg) and Biden came a distant fourth.”

Then, a minute later, he warns: “Any campaign saying they won or putting out incomplete numbers is contributing to the chaos and misinformation.”

So…does that mean that Rospars is contributing to the chaos and misinformation?

The New York Times reported that Warren landed in Manchester shortly after 4 am on Tuesday and spoke briefly to reporters. She said, “When I left Iowa, I said it is too close to call, and it still is — but I feel good…We are in 31 states and have thousands of people on the ground.”

Actually, the Warren campaign wasn’t alone in trying to put a positive spin on the lack of results in Monday night’s Iowa Democratic caucuses. The Sanders campaign kicked things off by announcing that, based on numbers from 40% of precincts, their internal polling showed Bernie in the lead with a 29% share of state delegate equivalents, Buttigieg running close behind with 26%, Warren with 18% and Biden with 15%.

Later, a Buttigieg campaign aide told CNBC “that data provided by 77% of the campaign’s precinct captains showed Buttigieg in the lead. The campaign aide said that internal projections prior to the caucus suggested that the race would be a tie, but that the internal numbers so far showed Buttigieg performing 8 percentage points better than expected, enough to win first place.”


So, what did Mayor Pete do next? He declared victory. I posted about that here.

Even Amy Klobuchar sounded upbeat in Des Moines. She addressed supporters and told them, “We know there’s delays. But we know one thing — we are punching above our weight.”

She added that “even in a crowded field of candidates, even during the well-earned impeachment hearing of Donald J. Trump, which had me bolted to my Senate desk for the last two weeks, we kept fighting and you kept fighting for me. Somehow, some way, I’m going to get on a plane tonight to New Hampshire, and we are bringing this to New Hampshire.”

The Biden campaign, understandably frustrated, sent a letter to the Iowa Democratic Party late Monday night “citing “considerable flaws” in the reporting system for the caucuses and seeking information from the party before results are made public.”

The Biden campaign’s deputy manager, Kate Bedingfield, tweeted, “The integrity of the process is critical, and there were flaws in the reporting systems tonight that should raise serious concerns for voters.”

Biden spoke to his supporters on Monday night, telling them he wanted “to make sure the state party was very careful in their deliberations” and that he “expected the results to be close.” He said, “We’re going to walk out of here with our share of delegates. We don’t know exactly what it is yet, but we feel good about where we are.” Yeah. No.


In the meantime, President Trump, predictably, is laughing his a** off.

As they continue to await the Iowa results, the candidates aren’t letting the grass grow under their feet. Those who aren’t required to be in Washington have headed for New Hampshire.


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