Move Over Drudge, Make Way for the Bongino Report


After breaking the story of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair in 1998, Matt Drudge became an overnight sensation. The Drudge Report immediately became the top news aggregation website for conservatives. In fact, when I began blogging last year (not at RedState), the site’s editor told me to go directly to the Drudge Report for story ideas.


Drudge’s simple business model, offering a one-page summary of links to political and entertainment news from around the web, has endured for over two decades. Drudge uses the old-style typewriter font, “Courier,” mostly black, on a white background. Selected links are printed in red. Small photos accompanying a limited number of stories and four or five ads offer some color to the page.

Drudge has described himself as a conservative. He was definitely “pro-Trump” during the 2015 presidential primaries and throughout the 2016 election season leading many on the left to say that he was “all in” for Trump, which was an accurate statement at the time.

A Fortune magazine editor referred to Drudge’s site as a “conservative bullhorn” in 2008. A Los Angeles Times writer called Drudge a “well-known conservative warrior.” Others have labeled him a “conservative muckraker” and even a “right-wing hack.” Journalist Glenn Greenwald once wrote that the website was part of the “Bush/Cheney right-wing noise machine.”

The Drudge Report has remained on top – that is, until now.

Drudge has taken a noticeable turn to the left as of late. And it’s not only conservatives who have recognized it. The Drudge Report’s coverage of Trump throughout the impeachment inquiry has been largely adverse, leading CNN Business to report that the site has been aggregating “an overwhelming amount of negative news for the Trump White House.”


Fed up with the website’s shift to the left, Fox News contributor, podcast host, and investigator Dan Bongino has taken the bull by the horns with the launch of a new eponymous conservative news aggregator website. The Bongino Report debuted on Wednesday and already appears to be gaining traction.

PJ Media’s Michael Van Der Galien noted the contrast between the lead stories on The Drudge Report vs. The Bongino Report. The top headlines on Drudge yesterday were “Misconduct ‘worse than any president,'” “NAPOLITANO: I’D VOTE FOR IT,” and “Republican GA Gov Defies Trump with Senate Pick…” Over at the Bongino Report, the featured story was “House Democrats Release Sham Impeachment Report.”

Bongino believes that Drudge has abandoned us which is true. Conservatives have become increasingly disenchanted with what Matt Drudge has to offer and are looking for an alternative. Here it is.


In my view, there are three men who stand head and shoulders above the rest in exposing the Russian collusion hoax. Dan Bongino is in that group. The other two include Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and investigative reporter John Solomon. Several years ago, before most of us even knew Ukraine was involved, Dan Bongino wrote a book entitled “Spygate” which I’ve posted about several times. It lays out the story of the deep state’s attempts to crush Donald Trump’s candidacy and once elected, his presidency. He names names and organizations, motives and methods.

As my favorite conservative, Mark Levin, says, “Bookmark this.”


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