DEM Madness Reaches a Crescendo: AP Claims GOP is Wielding Impeachment as Offensive Weapon; Old Lady Stops to Berate Trump Supporters

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What does a country do when nearly half of its citizens lose their minds at the same time, especially when large swaths of the government and nearly the entire media suffers from the same condition?


The Associated Press is now accusing Republicans of wielding impeachment as an offensive weapon as if it’s something we’ve sought out.

In the meantime, an old woman who sounds like Mickey Mouse disrupts a peaceful flag wave held by Trump supporters. She approaches a member of the group and yells, “My brother represented Hillary. He was lawyer of the year…You guys don’t have a clue of what’s going on in Arkansas…Bull***t. You’re nuts. Where’s the evidence? My brother protected Hillary. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

After a policeman escorts her away from the group, she yells back, “Impeach, impeach, impeach.” I would like to have asked her what exactly she thinks we should impeach him for.

Last week, long-time Wall Street Journal writer Peggy Noonan, declared: “As to impeachment itself, the case has been so clearly made you wonder what exactly the Senate will be left doing. How will they hold a lengthy trial with a case this clear?” Even Noonan, one time speech writer for Ronald Reagan has been inflicted.

Truly, the madness coming from members of the Democratic Party, including politicians and the media, has reached a fever pitch. It feels as if the wheels are about to come off. And maybe they are.

Political writer James Howard Kunstler just wrote an excellent piece which perfectly describes the current state of political affairs in the United States. He begins with a famous observation written two centuries ago by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He wrote, “all truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Kunstler believes the country has been stuck in stage two ever since the stunning victory of Donald Trump.


What else could explain the insanity?

He argues that this event incited the “rage, disbelief, and retribution” that has made the left ridiculous. The Mueller report did nothing to “dampen the violent derangement” which brought us to “Mr. Schiff’s recent antics.”

One would have thought that the Mueller team’s failure to deliver the goods would have put an end to the delirium. Instead, they became even angrier and more irrational and simply latched on to another pipe dream.

Kunstler is spot on in his analysis. Their inability to accept the results of the 2016 election have driven them to insanity. Considering that 90% of the media and a large portion of the government are Democrats and they’ve all been suffering from the same delusion, there’s no sane person who will say to them, it’s time for the madness to end.

In the real world, when an individual loses touch with reality, usually someone will take their hand and either reason with them or steer them to the help they need. But in today’s America, nearly every member of the Democratic Party is inflicted with the same disease, so they don’t recognize it in their peers.

However, Kunstler writes that he’s sensed a change over the last week which began with the New York Times’ “week-long salvo of lame stories aimed at defusing the Horowitz report.”

The stories gave off an odor of panic and desperation that signaled a crumbling loss of conviction in the three-year narrative assault on the truth — namely, that the US Intel Community organized a coup to overthrow the improbable President Trump. From this point forward, the facts of the actual story — many of them already in the public record, one way or another, and sedulously ignored by the news media — will be officially detailed by federal authorities outside the orbit of the coupsters, and finally beyond the coupsters’ control.


The hard truths of perfidy and treachery in the upper ranks of government will rain down in the weeks ahead, and when they do, there’s an excellent chance that they will be greeted as self-evident…Most remarkably, they might just assert that they knew it all along — a final twitch of bad faith as the new paradigm locks into place.

I expect that we will see something else happen along with that: a loud repudiation of the Democratic Party itself, a recognition that it betrayed the mental health of the nation in its lawless and demented inquisitions. I expect that sentiment will extend to the party’s current crop of candidates for the White House, to the delusional proposals they push, and perhaps even to the larger ethos of the Wokester religion that has programmatically tried to destroy the common culture of this country — especially the idea that we have a duty to be on the side of truth.

I pray Kunstler is right, but I fear he may be wrong. Perhaps not wrong, but premature. I don’t expect much from the Horowitz report. As I wrote last week, Horowitz has disappointed us before and may do so again.

I think it will take the Durham report for the “hard truths of perfidy and treachery in the upper ranks of government to rain down.” We have no idea when his investigation will end. But, we do know he and Barr have found criminality. Generally, prosecutors don’t have to wait until a report has been prepared to indict someone if they have evidence of a crime.

I do know that Democrats’ collective behavior has crossed the line. And that they embolden and feed off of each other. When the Associated Press accuses Republicans of wielding impeachment like an offensive weapon and when old ladies with high-pitched voices feel it’s okay to approach a group of Trump supporters and castigate them, we’ve reached a point where only some brutal truths will break the delusion.




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